Visa Notice For Travelling to Nepal

Visa-on-arrival in Nepal for Israelis has not been resumed till now due to this Corona Pandemic. Government of Nepal has now issued few new standards to control and prevent corona while facilitating Tourists’ visit and stay in Nepal.

  • Tourists intending to visit Nepal for tourist activities shall have to co-ordinate with an agency related to travels and Tours in Nepal; and to this effect, after determining program relating to tourism, the agency concerned shall request to the Department of Tourism (DoT) for mountaineering and to the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for other touristic Activities.
  • Tourists intending to receive health services in Nepal shall coordinate with a health institution; and, after determining programs, such institutions concerned shall request Nepal tourism Board (NTB).

Now, Following documents should be submitted at the immigration point of Nepal:

  • Covid-19 PCR test Negative report issued within 72 hours or the card document showing completion of vaccination against COVID.

(Please be updated about the requirements of Airlines/Ben-Gurion International Airport and other transit countries’ rules regarding PCR Report.)

  • Valid visa issued from the Embassy
  • Hotel Reservation paper in Nepal or Bill ascertaining of Settlement
  • Travel Insurance valid for the period of Nepal visit including coverage of emergency search, rescue, treatment, among others, there unto.

The visitors should also comply with following guidelines after reaching Nepal:

After arrival in Nepal, tourists who have already completed Corona Vaccination or PCR- Report, shall have to do PCR Test again and stay at hotel quarantine at their own costs in co-ordination with the agency or institution until and unless the report thereof is delivered. If the PCR report comes positive, they have to prolong the stay at the hotel quarantine complying with health protocols until and unless the report thereof comes negative.

Only those tourists who have negative PCR report will be allowed, through the agency or institution concerned, to participate in trekking or mountaineering or other tourist activities.

Visa Application Form