Demand Attestation

Procedures for Attestation of Recruitment Documents for Cyprus
The Embassy of Nepal in Israel shall attest demand of a maximum of 20 workers from one company of Cyprus at one time.

If any Cyprus company has demand of more than 20 workers at a time, the company must submit the documents from the concerned Government Agency of Cyprus to guarantee the employment in Cyprus.
The company who wants to demand Nepalese workers for the second time must submit the details giving full information on their whereabouts of the workers brought from Nepal previously.
Required Documents for Attestation of Recruitment Documents:
Company registration certificate of the Cyprus Manpower Agency and renewal certificate clearly showing the validity date.
Power of attorney given by the Cyprus manpower agency to its Nepalese counterpart agency, or a special service/recruitment contract between them for the purpose of recruitment related jobs to be done in Nepal on behalf of the Cyprus manpower agency for the recruitment of the workers mentioned in the demand letter
Demand letter from Cyprus Manpower agency to Nepali manpower agency.
Guarantee Letter from the Cyprus manpower agency addressed to the Labor and Employment Promotion Department of the Government of Nepal guaranteeing that the said manpower agency shall not send Nepalese workers recruited through it to any third country within the contract period.
Master employment contract with the minimum contract provisions between the Cyprus employer and the prospective worker.
Intra Party Agreement between the 2 agencies- Recruiting agency and supply agency.
Other supporting documents may be asked by the Embassy.

Revenue Fee Structure will be as follows:
USD 175.00 per total document.
USD 2.00 per worker demanded up to the first twenty-five workers.
USD 5.00 per worker demanded beyond the first twenty-five workers.