Visa Notice for traveling to Nepal

Visit visa will be issued only for trekking and mountaineering purpose at the Embassy from Oct 12, 2020. On-Arrival visa will be issued at immigration point of Nepal only for those going for trekking / Mountaineering in group with prior approval from Nepali Authority (Department of Tourism for Mountaineering and Nepal Tourism Board for Trekking). For on-arrival visa, group travelers should contact the travel/trekking agency in Nepal.

Also, the validity period of visa issued from January to March 2020 has been extended from 6 months to I year.

Following documents should be submitted at the immigration point of Nepal:

  • Covid-19 PCR test Negative report issued within 72 hours.
  • Valid visa issued from Embassy or visa approval letter provided by Nepalese authority to concerned travel/trekking agency.
  • Hotel Reservation paper in Nepal with compulsory’ 7 days quarantine stay
  • Insurance policy document of 5 thousand US dollar which is done for the purpose of Covid-19.

The visitors should also comply with following guidelines after reaching Nepal:

  • One must stay at Hotel quarantine for minimum 7 days.
  • PCR test on 5th day should be done in own expenses and if tested negative, one can go for trekking/mountaineering otherwise should stay in Hotel quarantine until test result shows negative in subsequent test.
  • Before taking permission of mountain climbing, trekking/mountaineering group should do insurance of Nepalese group member worth of 100,000 Nepali Rupees.
  • One must obey the health protocol issued by Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal while going for trekking/Mountaineering.

Visa Application Form