Message from the Ambassador

Namaste and welcome to the official website of Embassy of Nepal, Tel Aviv.

I am so delighted to share that Nepal and the State of Israel are enjoying their excellent bilateral relations since 1960 when Nepal recognized Israel as an independent state. The bond started by the first elected Prime Minister of Nepal B.P.Koirala and the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion is always amicable. Till date, Nepal is well loved by Israelis and vice versa with deep respect for eternal faith and trust between the two countries that doubtless go beyond time.

Despite the topographic and climate variations, hosting the highest and the lowest points on the earth, Nepal and Israel share a unique bond and a lot of similarities in actions. Nepal has created the history of audacious fighters and scaled the apex. Moreover, still much more to keep hold of our identity. I believe together with braveness; truthfulness, kindness, responsiveness and hard working are our identities and thrive to protect them from different segments worldwide which we perceive this entire persona on people of Israel contributing in different sectors.

Talking about bilateral relationship, above all, I would like to express my gratitude to the government and the people of the State of Israel for extending hands of cooperation in different sectors in general and specially the timely relief operation in the immediate aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in 2015. In addition the prompt response and support for COVID- 19 was incredibly remarkable.

I sincerely would like to seek support and cooperation from all the concerned people and organizations to assist in exploring every possible area to enhance the economy of Nepal exclusively focused to reduce trade deficit, promote tourism and bilateral commercial linkages together with treasuring the continuity of ongoing programs on agriculture, education, health, security, infrastructure, energy and so on to a great extent as possible.

The spirit of the Embassy is to safeguard sovereignty of the country and respect each Nepali’s individuality so that they can work confidently, become happy and ensure a glorious future.  I firmly committed to work for the best interest of Nepal and its citizens. In regard to this, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and shared spirit of the members of the Embassy with the new move which has been planned together. I also hope that our efforts will flourish in a way to ease every Nepali in their stay in Israel and Cyprus.

Being abroad myself, makes me imagine how hard it would be for Nepali living in a foreign country leaving their families behind. I sincerely take as one of our top priorities to protect and promote welfare of the Nepali with a great team work and the effort of the Embassy together with Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) along with other Nepali organizations, which always try to bind and support each other living in Israel. I hope this effort shall give all of us an immense pleasure to extend our attention, expertise and care for Nepali citizens as a whole.

I wish every Nepali working here, regardless of their identities, would create an environment of learning and sharing together for developing skills and creating values exploring their own hidden potentials.

Finally, the dynamism of achievement, support and opportunity extended by the government of Israel will definitely assist to materialize the bilateral bond between two countries which further will lead our cooperation to enter into a new era of friendship in the days to come. I am determined to consolidate the alliance of the two countries and hope the cooperation and collaboration will remain forever.